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I use a combination of healing skills combined with Reiki. I work with Angels, Guides and Wise Ones.

With this team we clear energy fields, align the Hara Line to reduce conflicts, cut etheric energetic cords and ties that keep you stuck, or feeling drained, we balance chakras, we ground, protect and cleanse your energy field.

Iím an intuitive so if I pick up on anything I give a reading at the end of the session.

Together we can change the conditioning that keeps you stuck.

Whether you are looking to quit smoking, lose or gain weight, free yourself of fears & phobias, want to build your confidence or self-esteem, manage stress, anxiety or depression, improve your performance in sports, the arts etc.

Or even just learn to relax, become more mindful or mprove your health. I can help get you there.
Transformation / Spiritual Coaching
Anything that I do through Hypnotherapy I can do through Coaching, without the trance part of it. I have plenty of skills and techniques which have been used by myself and my clients successfully. Whatever you would like to change or overcome, we will work together to get you there.